Capturing the love in your life, as only Chalet can

Passion… Experience… Comfort… Fun!

We had a dream. It was of a one of a kind place, a perfect location to create amazing images for you and the most important people in your life. In 1995 the dream became a reality. Our wonderful weather proof Victorian home studio and portrait gardens set on over two acres of forested land allows us to capture an endless variety of  beautiful images. From the beginning, more than 1500 weddings ago, our goal has not changed. We treat every wedding as if it was our own, and have always done the utmost to ensure that our couples have a joy filled, stress free day.  We’ve got you covered! Any weather, any season. You and your wedding party can arrive at the Studio, and experience our one of a kind atmosphere for creating beautiful imagery.  Inside you settle into our “Wedding party party room”, where the beverages and snacks await. The music is everywhere you go, inside and out. With air conditioning, dressing rooms, restroom, and two large covered decks to relax on, your wedding party will know that they have it made in the shade! And talk about locations to create your masterpiece images… We’ve got them all, in one place. Inside, the 1100 square foot studio features our stunning “White Room”, featuring soaring Manor doors built in the late 1800’s, and a sculpted Tin Wall. (So cool)  One of our newest additions, the “Castle Door”, made of exotic hardwood & steel dates back hundreds of years. A fantastic, rugged look for the guys. The Cyclorama wall allows a high fashion look, and every direction that you turn gives a new opportunity to create images that match your style.

Then just outside the door is the rest of the story. Our 16 foot waterfall flows into a large Pond. The fully Forested property lending welcome shade on warm Summer afternoons, while we choose between colourful Gardens, to Victorian style Verandahs, as well as Wrought Iron gates and fences from France, England and Belgium. We even have our beautiful classic 1956 Thunderbird that we love to roll out to play with. Then there is our beach, a rustic 1940’s Truck, And  so much more that we look forward to showing you.

Our commitment to excellence does not end there. Every wedding is personally crafted by us, Janet and Alan. You get two award winning photographers creating with you all day, and well into the evening. Lets face facts here…. Wedding photography is not easy.  It takes great experience, knowledge, energy, a joyful attitude and an epic amount of patience to juggle everything that goes on during a wedding. Nervous jitters? No problem. Running late? We’ll get you back on time. The weather? That’s a huge one, and no one else comes close to being able to deliver wonderful images and an experience to match, than Chalet Studio!

Then, when it comes time for the reception, we even stay late. When 9 pm rolls around, and most photographers are heading home, we’re getting ready for the party to ramp up. So much of your investment in your wedding is focused on your reception, and so is a lot of the fun. We are with you as the night rolls on.

All of this only scratches the surface as to what a Chalet wedding coverage is like. A very big part of what makes us unique is how much we love to tailor our wedding images to suit you. Everyone is different, and part of the art is finding what makes you and your relationship unique. And that very important process begins with a meeting. We can not emphasize enough how important it is to sit down face to face, and get to know each other. Just as your wedding dress is all about the perfect fit, a certain look, your wedding images should be thought of much the same way. So give us a call (yes, a call works so much faster and easier than an email or text) and arrange your free studio tour. We’ll brew up a fresh Coffee, or open up some Wine, and get to know about your love story, and how we might be just the right fit when it comes to making memories of your day that will last beyond a lifetime.

We look forward to meeting you!

Janet and Alan