There truly is no place like it!

And now for something completely different!

We had a dream. It was of a one of a kind place, a perfect location to create amazing images for you and the most important people in your life.

In 1995 the dream became a reality. Our wonderful weather proof Victorian home/studio and photo park set on over two acres of forested land allows us to capture all of the beautiful images you see here. As you view your photos far in the future, you will always remember how you felt while creating them. This is why having the location to make everything comfortable and enjoyable is key. You'll know why we have invited you to "Experience The Fun Of Photography" at Chalet!

Our scenic gardens include a 16 foot waterfall, pond, streams, pathways and even a beach. Some of our other outdoor props include a beautiful 1956 Thunderbird, a cool 1942 rustic truck, elegant Iron Palace gates from France, and many more.

Indoors we have our 1200sq. ft. mini Universal studio. With numerous real architectural pieces from around the world we can create many different looks that you will love all in one place.

Concerned about what to wear for your portrait? Don't be! A dip into our ever expanding prop room reveals a great collection of looks that will be the perfect compliment to your images.

Remember that at Chalet Studio and Portrait Gardens we've got you covered... Any weather, any season.

Janet and Alan